- PDF Studios will be creating a two phased program of revenue stream A) Free Content with RMF Rotating Flash Banners and Static Advertising Pages using to create revenue streams and the copyright content and images held by the simplest form a downloable You Tube of High Quality Content, Images, Games, Flash, Movies and Cartoons; and, B) High Quality Multimedia Advertising using such holdings as,, and the extensive Magazine Domains, News Domains, Guide Domains and Periodical Domains on a subscription basis or advertising module with using Model A. 6) - PDF Ads is the culmination of over 3 years of development as PDFs are now the standard in Virtual Print as well as attaining some of the highest positions in the Search Engines because of the Quality of the Content. Virtual Tours. Video Conferencing. Game Play. Anything within comprehension can now be embedded into the PDF Format and the advances of Acrobat 9 and the OCR Recognition Software and work with PPT Software open doors to advertisments that Yahoo and Google has not yet developed. Yahoo had been working on the development before the turmoil in the Board of Directors and the several suitors who have frozen Yahoo in time. 7) The PDF and EBook Domains dedicated to the Project by from for the Project presently include:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;!
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Other Projects include the development of,,,,,,,,,,,,, and eBay and Google Stores as standalone merchants for the vast array of Domain Holdings. Creation of PDF Downloadable Retail Catalogues; Rotating Flash Banner Advertising; Keyword Revenue Generation in Acrobat 8 and Acrobat 9 expanding the horizons even further with video conferencing and VOIP. Contact Gary Hamilton, CEO for more information or if you wish to JVP in any of the Projects ongoing or a Project of interest to bring to fruition and be distributed worldwide today!
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